Saturday, June 4, 2022

Old Old West Posts

This month Movie Churches is visiting the Old West, but this isn't our first Rodeo (or Stampede or Shoot-Out or whatever). We've done posts about Westens in the past, so a Round-up of Westerns seems appropriate.  

Of course, there have been a few Westerns where the Church was the focus of the film. In The Twinkle in God's Eye Mickey Rooney starred as an Old West Preacher and in Stars in My Crown, Joel McCrea starred as an Old West Preacher. We even had a silent film about a preacher in the Old West, The Confession. We've had posts about missionaries in the Old West such as The Father Kino Story and Black Robe. Sometimes the Preacher has also been the Bad Guy, as in Sweetwater and 5 Card Stud. There have even been films about church fund-raising: Hellfire and Rolling Home

We've posted about one of the greatest Westerns, High Noon, and we've featured some of the great Western stars: John Wayne, of course, in 3 Godfathers, two of Clint Eastwood's Westerns, Two Mules for Sister Sara and Pale Rider, and some stars that aren't really associated with Westerns such as Spencer Tracy and Clark Gable in San Francisco and Chevy Chase and Steve Martin in The Three Amigos

This month may be Movie Churches' last trip on the dusty trail, so enjoy the ride!

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